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Driver CPC Glossary of Terms

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Drive Time Solutions: Driver CPC Glossary of Terms

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Date  01/11/2015

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Driving, Riding, Learning, Loading, unloading, refuelling, parking, maintenance

Assessment of learning outcomes

The process of appraising knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences of an individual against predefined criteria (learning expectations, measurement of learning outcomes). Assessment is typically followed by validation and certification.


The appropriately licensed person with the responsibility to operate the vehicle on the public highway to comply with safety and legal requirements.

Communicate effectively

Verbal, electronic, written


The ability to apply learning outcomes adequately in a defined context (education, work, personal or professional development).


“The practice of obeying the Law, rule or request”. The vehicle operator is required to ensure that drivers are competent and capable of performing their duties to the required licence standard, at a level that is safe to protect themselves and others.


Accelerator, clutch, footbrake, handbrake, steering wheel, gears, indicators, lights, windscreen wipers, demisters, heating and ventilation, Power Take Off (PTO), differential lock.


Air line, electrical lines, fluids


Internal and external


delivery point, collection point, end of duty point


Bicycle and motorbike delivery services, Bus and coach drivers, Taxi drivers and chauffeurs, Lorry and van drivers

Elements of Safe and Efficient driving/riding

  1. Acceleration and Cruise Control
  2. Braking
  3. Clutch control
  4. Driving position and seat belts
  5. Road and weather conditions
  6. Steering
  7. Gear selection and use
  8. Hazard perception and prioritisation
  9. Speed
  10. Lane discipline and positioning
  11. Making progress and planning
  12. Use of mirrors and blind spots
  13. Use of signals
  14. Overtaking
  15. Vehicle sympathy
  16. Drivers attitude/technique
  17. Reactions to road marking and signs


Road conditions, traffic conditions, road layout, street furniture, terrain, pedestrians, driver fatigue, transportation of people or loads.


Vehicle, ancillary equipment, personal


Gauges, warning lights, displays, audible alerts, Tachograph

Legal, safety and operating requirements relating to preparing the vehicle for driving

National standard (applicable to licence held), Highway Code, transport regulations, safety regulations, codes of practice, load restrictions, drivers’ hours regulations, working time directive, alcohol and drug restrictions. Organisation policies, standard operating procedures, learning and training requirements


Legal documents

Insurance, road tax, vehicle plate, trailer plate, MOT, Transport operator’s licence, driving licence and driver qualification card (where applicable).


A process by which an individual assimilates information, ideas and values and thus acquires knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences.

Lifelong Learning

All learning activity undertaken throughout life, which results in improving knowledge, know-how, skills, competences and/or qualifications for personal, social and/or professional reasons

Learning outcome/learning attainments

The set of knowledge, skills and/or competences an individual has acquired and/or is able to demonstrate after completion of a learning process, either formal, non-formal or informal.


Containers, liquids, goods, materials, livestock, ADR


Complete, partial, sequential

Loading area

Industrial/agricultural/mining/commercial sites, retail sites, public road


Forward movements, reverse movements, turns


The company you drive for, own business, the customer, the client


Family, Fee paying, Work colleague, Service user


Cash, credit note, card payment, account

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

High visibility vests, hard hats, protective clothing, eye protection, gloves, goggles

Proof-of-delivery procedures

Using paper documentation, electronic (e.g. hand-held terminals), Records of transport tasks


Straps, battens and chocks, chains, ropes


  1. Ageing workforce, Inadequate initial assessment,
  2. Little or no knowledge of the National Standards for Drivers and Riders
  3. Short falls in vocational learning requirements,
  4. Insufficient  knowledge of legal obligations, rules of the road, safety requirements and regulations,
  5. Time management falling short of legal requirements,
  6. No progression routes, Bulling and intimidation,
  7. Low self esteem,
  8. Injury or death,
  9. Loss of licence or leave the sector,
  10. Sector fails to attract new entrants

Road users

Motor vehicles, motor bikes, bicycles, pedestrians, animals

Route planning resources

Maps, satellite navigation devices


Agriculture, Construction, Education, Fisheries, Hotel, restaurant and catering sector, Health Care, Rail, Air and Water Transport, Road Transport


Personal, physical, electronic, vehicle, loads, legal documents, licence(s) to operate


Collection time, delivery time, working time, driving time, stops


Industrial/commercial sites, retail sites, agricultural sites, mining sites, public road, parking areas, garages, public highway

Special clothing

PPE, CE branded work wear

Time management

Working time, Driving time, Learning/Training time

Vehicle systems

Ignition, electrical, lights, brakes, transmission, engine, fuel, tyres, coupling, information technology, digital, communications and telemetry systems, ancillary equipment


The vehicle you normally drive or ride, includes trailer when connected and ancillary equipment

Vocational Education & Training

A recognised programme of learning which aims to equip people with knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences required in particular occupations or more broadly on the labour market at a minimum Qualification level 2.


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